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in the Guangzhou Gymnasium The trail , in fact, can be seen listening to Yunxuan the location . Hillside, near the water door , across the lake the sea, round to listen to Yunxuan as if floating the Ectocarpus between .
Listen Yunxuan has 31 rooms, divided into upper and lower levels , most of the waterfront is built , it is said boss will be the pools that twinkle known as " nameless lake. " Corridor antique wooden screens , walkways, corner will inadvertently emerge rockery waterfall . Package room, decorated mainly traditional calligraphy and Shelf , rattan furniture, wooden boat furniture is indispensable. These poetic techniques are classical symbol , between the private rooms is slightly different , occasionally abstract Europa works, but they reflect the intrinsic classical style. soothing The mood is always Asian -specific the feelings of , even sitting and simple on the sofa , do not appreciate the " inexplicable Lake " meandering water color , not overlooking Baiyun Mountain the misty rain passion , can be either the millennium the story of along the fingers flowing , immersed in the Nostalgic thoughts Unable to extricate themselves .
Best of all , private rooms outside has a separate courtyard , has been extended to the lake, hospital long grass birds are flying , scent the air , this is melt into the natural the best place to . Aloof from the world , large hidden in the city , can be found here the source .
Listen Yunxuan one of the largest antique room, golden ceiling and ancient palace lights reflect the classical court let the solemn . on both sides of wall Lined Various types of antique the front is the ancient scroll, the same color modeling simple Ming furniture , emphasizing the ancient culture of information and historical and cultural significance the combination of . If you do not understand , " laughing with ru " the true meaning of can stand in this room experience .
outdoor landscape Not applied Prostitute , wind, vegetation, flowers filled with uncertainties , indoor the spread of simple leisurely . A tranquil , a stable evening of cicadas and the moonlit of pure, enough to crush all earthly troubles, of life wells deep fondly .







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