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Furniture Gallery opened the f

yesterday , located in red furniture, the city of 20th Harbin Trade Fair furniture, Museum of opened satisfied customers . City leaders Zhang Xiaolian , Wang Ying , Fan Dewu , Zhangshao Liang , Zhang Zheng infant attended the opening ceremony of the , Vice Mayor Zhang Shaoliang speech. From Russia , Romania , Hungary, more than ten countries and regions and across the country furniture exhibitors , buyers and more than 3,000 people gathered here , a total seek business opportunities.
Harbin Trade Fair Furniture exhibition area of 18,000 square meters , more than last year 80% , a total of 143 booths. Of which indoor exhibition 16,000 square meters of , display of goods involved in furniture, upholstered furniture , rattan furniture , features include bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining furniture , children furniture, home accessories , etc.; outdoor exhibition area of 2,000 square meters , standard booths 50 To mattresses , furniture accessories mainly include in Northeast China medium-sized furniture companies and Guangzhou , Shenzhen, Shanghai, Shandong, Chongqing and other places companies of the 128 participating brands. During the exhibition, furniture, museum free open to the public , and will also organize large-scale promotional activities, exhibitors awards presentation activities, business at activities a variety of economic and cultural activities.
And information ( Li Bin news Qinling ) , yesterday, the 20th Harbin Trade Fair furniture hall opened in first day of the contract 16 , a contracted value of 51 million yuan .






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