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with light salt Maintenance of

of natural style The prevalence , so that rattan furniture and supplies gradually Chengxin Chong . As natural material a , rattan furniture and products has its own unique style and character , from the selection to the maintenance of all pay attention .
Selected : rattan furniture is durable and rattan in itself material is excellent is closely related . such as Rattan surface wrinkles , indicating that furniture is by young the rattan processed , toughness poor and low strength , easily broken , and corrosion. Currently on the market rattan furniture, good Rattan come from Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, these vines , hard texture, end to end thickness the same . Look at the furniture surface gloss is not uniform, is spotted , different colors and moth-eaten the traces of , and then with the palm of your hand in the furniture the surface wipe again, if it is smooth, not difficult to handle in the feeling on the right.
Maintenance : rattan furniture in the use and storage , do not make contact and close to the fire and heat , not on the sun for a long time exposure , or easily deformed , bending, cracking, loose, come off. Usually available light of salt water to clean rattan furniture supplies , both decontamination , but also its flexibility long-lasting , as well as certain anti fragile , anti- moth-eaten effect. Usually surface dust with a damp the soft cloth then , the gap between the the dust oil brush or vacuum clean , not using the damaged rattan furniture, surface of detergents or solvents to clean , avoid with water wash and direct exposure to the sun so as not to lose rattan the flexibility of And shiny.






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