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Rattan is the environmentalist the most respected home materials one of , regeneration ability, and can achieve biodegradation. Vine in full of water when very soft , dried and then especially tough , soft color and elegant , infinitely close to natural color , feel comfortable and cool. Rattan furniture, cool , with its original process the process of to go through cooking , drying, bleaching , mildew , disinfection and sterilization processes to deal with extra durability , a choice of two decades, or even thirty years can benefit .
the world's best Vines Produced Indonesia. Indonesia is located in the equatorial rain forest zone, year-round sunshine and abundant rainfall , volcanic soil nutrient-rich , so Rattan high quality. In ancient India and the Philippines and other tropical areas , people have begun selection of rattan to manufacture a wide range furniture , or rattan cut into very thin and flat cane , woven various patterns, do back and do cabinet Door or Rattan . Rattan and wood , bamboo , glass, steel and other materials, a combination of furniture is of today's home improvement a new wind , natural and modern artificial materials with , with fresh appeal.
Rattan furniture, breathable, feels fresh , rustic rattan qualities help soothe the nerves given gas, summer living room should be as much as possible with rattan furniture , on the summer of sleep will be a great benefit . Rattan furniture, in the home widely used , placed in what room, what position , has a different style.







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