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Liaoning furniture market discipline situation has improved significantly

From February this year, which lasted nine months, from Liaoning Province Furniture Association, Shenyang City, Shenyang flooring industry associations and trade associations jointly carried out door furniture industry, the province's self-regulate the market activities in the province, appointed by the letter and the provincial industrial and commercial cities Council support and assistance, successfully concluded in November.

The event is in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the furniture, flooring, doors and cabinets and other operating businesses and home decoration company for review. The checks include: business license, product quality inspection reports, furniture manual, floor production license, advertising language, honorary certificates, installation teams, declaration of imported products, marketing, contracts and records of the inspection service. In addition, since Leonardo da Vinci furniture incident was exposed, this event especially for imported furniture products and imported furniture business to conduct audits of related content.

The reference check of the home building business over 1015 businesses, qualified business for 939 compliance, a pass rate of 92.5%. 76 failed businesses, accounting for 7.5%. (Note: Fushun, Anshan individual building materials market sector households to avoid detection, not included in the statistics).

From the examination situation, after years of efforts, the province and the furniture market sampling pass rate compared to last year there was a substantial improvement, market discipline situation is significantly improved. The province of large bar stools national chain stores and well-known brands such as Fushun Meikailong home square, Daqian Benxi Ming Hing Square, and other basic household have to do business according to law, according to inspection requirements compliance. They set up access system, set up files are assigned to each firm, settled the business norms. However, some markets have usually neglected management, rummage, when busy with, and even passive resistance closed closed shop situation.

In the inspection process has some major problems in the market access system has not been established, individual business households, such as Parkson Fushun Oriental furniture outlets operating without a license, the lack of product quality inspection reports, such as the big art tree floor, "the first year after exports to the U.S." propaganda slogans, Forest doors claiming that "the top ten enterprises in Liaoning Province Door" and other corporate existence of false propaganda, exaggerated advertising, false honor and so on.

. First, business administration departments at all levels of the active participation and support, which is a strong guarantee of market regulation; second leisure chair is establishing models to point to promote the healthy development of the industry; third is to establish and perfect the system of market regulation to ensure that industry self-regulation of regular and institutionalized.

Zushu Wu, chairman of the inspection found that the problem can not be ignored, we must pay close attention to rectification as a preventive measure. He stressed that companies should check the work carefully in lessons learned, to strengthen governance standards through self-discipline, social supervision, role models, and give full play their vanguard and exemplary role in promoting the healthy and steady development of the province's furniture industry