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Outdoor Furniture flow gets mo

Unit selection in buy a house , the courtyard of the Unit is always presented by the buyers preference , not only is the villa , there are those who get the top layer , or ordinary residential garden . Have a garden , no longer uncommon , outdoor furniture also will hot up . Outdoor furniture , by definition is placed in the outdoor furniture, the familyDecoration, The main is placed in the courtyard or terrace .
Recently, several journalistsHomeMarketplaceHave looked at the figures of outdoor furniture . Outdoor furniture, casual style with the main variety of forms, tables and chairs , flower racks , swing , mezzanine . " into the summer , outdoor furniture, customers buy more , especially now near the Mid-Autumn Festival , National Day can be said that strong sales of outdoor furniture season . " a brand of outdoor furniture sales , said Ms. Li , store display are samples , many customers will According to the proportion of space towards the location and use efficiency, and the corresponding custom size and material suitable for outdoor furniture . Marketplace reporter saw at home , though not weekends , many people look at outdoor furniture , and most are young couples , their home life is full of outdoor reverie .
Lake Park, flowers and birds market in Nanning , the reporter met a lot of garden designers . And indoorDecorationDesignDivision is similar to the main designer for the courtyard garden layout and design. Many garden designers said that as the outdoor space and towards different positions, is now more than outdoor furniture custom products , assembly line type of products do very little .
"Many owners have been satisfied in the balcony or in the yard put a few pieces of furniture , outdoor space they require a comprehensive planning , full use of every corner . " garden designer , Mr. Mo introduced a family of three favorite outdoor activities , the proposed customized Ring seat and table , easy to use . The sun longer outdoor space , good quality of raw material should be chosen , to facilitate maintenance of outdoor furniture , or exacerbate the aging furniture .






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