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Asia's largest furniture professional development - The 26th China International Furniture Fair in Guangzhou will be opening tomorrow . Port city furniture several orders of Yunnan company will fly to Guangzhou , learn . Organizing Committee of Yunnan as the only invited the media , reporters will go with accompanying .
Enjoy " home- trading center of Asia "the reputation of China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair , annual spring and autumn in two at China Import and Export Fair Complex . According to the organizing committee informed , the scale of this exhibition will reach 190,000 square meters , up 18.7% over last year , is Asia so far , the largest fall home show . Then, from Japan, India, Singapore and other countries more than 800 well-known furniture companies will be exhibiting at home and abroad . This exhibition is a comprehensive display of contemporary furniture , classical furniture , outdoor furniture , home accessories, textile fabric and so diverse exhibits .
Furniture Industry Association of Yunnan Province , said the responsible person , Yunnan enterprises to participate , mainly to understand the current direction of development of the domestic furniture , fashion trends , brand development. At the same time , is to participate in order , learning, networking with the industry .







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