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$5 goes a long way at Uncle Vito's happy hour

The real steal: For five bucks, you get a mug of any draft beer and a slice of one-topping pizza that looks more like a slice and a half. If you're hungry, bring a friend who's thirsty. Buy two of these deals. The friend drinks the beers. You eat the pizza, drink a glass of water and drive the car. The two of you split the bill. Everybody goes home safe and happy.

The vibe: The Sacramento location is small and seating is limited to about eight high-top tables that comfortably seat three or four people, and 10 bar stools. There is about as much seating outside along 16th Street. For afternoon and evening, this is plenty of room, but once the sun goes down, Vito's fills up to the point that customers may want to evaluate their skill at eating and drinking while standing.

Black-and-white photos of New York plaster the walls, overlapping and skewed over bright-yellow paint. An old- fashioned wood bar plays perfectly off the menus hanging behind it. During the day, music is played at a volume some may find intrusive; at night it just gets louder.

Author: ZheJiang QiangSheng Furniture Co., Ltd.
main product: bar stools