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Rattan furniture, cool summer

Summer , many owners want to buy some caneFurnitureBecause the rattan furniture in addition to simple, elegant appearance , it is also the best partner , comfort and durability of the summer , so although the generation of a strong sense of rhythm is life , but love remains rattan furniture , rattan is also made to The ranks of the main reasons of furniture unique .
Generally, woven rattan furniture for the family members are mainly bamboo and rattan , white rattan and red vines . Bamboo cane , called agate , it also known as " King of rattan in the "This is the most expensive upper vine , native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Pros and cons are different because of the quality rattan , rattan furniture has good and bad , know-how to get to master the satisfaction of buying cane furniture . In the purchase , the experts can grasp with both hands rattan furniture edges , gently shake look and feel the framework is not stable . And wipe the surface with the palm of your hand in the furniture again, to smooth Caixing . Another look at the surface gloss of furniture is not uniform , is there spots , different color and traces of insects . If there are signs too obvious if not the best .
After selecting the furniture , consumer has a new worry, because after all, better than other furniture, rattan furniture , in love , while fear is difficult to wait on this furniture , maintenance means that there will be any good ?
BreezeDecorationDesignersTo us : With the continuous improvement of rattan processing technology , rattan furniture easy maintenance problem has been basically solved , and now the regular manufacturers of rattan furniture and maintenance is easy , usually just brush or vacuum clean rattan furniture, use A damp cloth and mild cleaning agents to clean rattan furniture on the line ; If there is fouling a long time , it is best to use salt scrub , not only dirt , but also to make rattan soft, elastic ; also use rattan furniture , should avoid the sun Direct , to prevent fading rattan materials , dry .







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