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Guangdong cany furniture alrea Guangdong cany furniture alrea

Recently, the following quality and technology supervision standards and codes, guangdong furniture product quality supervision and inspection station (dongguan) responsible for drafting the guangdong local standard < > abour rattan furniture (draft) has recently started drafting, facing the abour rattan furniture production enterprise solicitation revision opinion. Guangdong abour rattan furniture production will have standard.
Abour rattan furniture is in recent years begin fashion furniture, modelling novel, exquisite design, natural and comfortable, high-end consumption characteristics such as the crowd, wide prospect of market. Guangdong province has many abour rattan furniture production enterprise, mainly concentrated in dongguan, shenzhen, guangzhou, huizhou, jiangmen, zhongshan, etc. Abour rattan furniture products in domestic and overseas market, and has significant influence the following year of furniture can monarch abour rattan furniture, for the customers both at home and abroad exchanges, the purchase.
According to relevant personage introduces, at present domestic haven't a special specification abour rattan furniture product quality of national standards or industrial standards, led directly to the cany furniture market, product quality is uneven, there are many hidden quality, which seriously restrict the development of industry of abour rattan furniture, also go against the markets both at home and abroad.
Guangdong local standard abour rattan furniture "guangdong abour rattan furniture industry with the actual situation of the direction of development, and standardized by following the quality and technical supervision standards and codes, guangdong province proposed by quality and technology supervision practices, the following quality and technology supervision standards and codes, following the quality supervision and inspection and measurement in the following industrial limited company of cany art furniture factory, following enterprise xuan built benefit industrial Co., LTD and following furniture association jointly participate in the drafting of the standard.
According to the < > abour rattan furniture (draft), including 6 parts from the main size and shape and position deviation, tolerance, the material requirements, the exterior surface chemical properties and requirements, the shake handshandle of metal abrasive resistance, toughened glass physical and mechanical properties of the foam, physical properties, textile fabric color fastness, mechanical properties, harmful material set limit, and flame retardancy etc 12 aspects of the quality of abour rattan furniture.
According to the < > abour rattan furniture (draft), cane implement qualitative furniture can be divided by the cany furniture collocation, TengMu furniture, furniture of materials with more than three categories. According to different purposes, abour rattan furniture products were divided into sofa, tea table, cabinet, chairs, suite type (full) 5 classes.
According to introducing, at present the < > abour rattan furniture (draft) has issued to all abour rattan furniture production enterprise and related departments, wide solicitation revision opinion. Guangdong local standard abour rattan furniture "implemented, will become the place characteristic, with guangdong of independent intellectual property products technical standard, helps the development of small and medium-sized enterprises abour rattan furniture. At the same time, this standard will also provide for the customer acceptance abour rattan furniture, use and maintenance, trade negotiation and quality arbitration, etc, reduce trade negotiation techniques of uncertainty, enhances the market competition.







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