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Rattan furniture has become th

of nature The atmosphere home with is a modern home life a new element of . Fresh and clean , beautiful and great awareness of environmental protection rattan furniture in this era debut on is natural to the .
This reporter recently found that many new house consumers are on the rattan furniture a soft spot for . the Rattan furniture, appearance of elegant plain , and practicality and artistry in one, with good flexibility, breathable, texture natural and other characteristics , so selling very well. Rattan furniture including bedside tables , general chair , sofa , coffee table, coffee table, lounge chair and cabinet. an ordinary Rattan furniture price is not high , design unique , or by special staining of rattan furniture , the prices are slightly higher at about 2000-3000 yuan.
To remind the industry for of rattan furniture the new emerging products , purchase to pay attention to the requirement to meet relevant standards.







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