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Proper maintenance of Rattan F

In fact, the rattan of care is not as people think as complicated , as long as proper maintenance , rattan furniture will look as new .
1. moving furniture should be underpinning moved , not Health and pull dragged .
2. furniture placement should be kept level, otherwise easily lead to of furniture structural deformation .
3. Do not the furniture bouncing on .
4. store Do not their contacts and close to the flame , hot flame , and do not in the sun for a long time exposure.
Maintenance :
1. usual care only using Jimao Dan or vacuum dust can .
2. on a regular basis with a wet towel and a mild detergent scrub furniture.
3. If dust , use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean .
4. If rattan furniture for a long time no use , can be regularly with 5% salt water cleaned , can mold , anti- moth-eaten , and can keep rattan furniture, bright color .







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