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Harbin furniture may be return

Heilongjiang News Network News 9 morning, the Consumer Association of Furniture of Harbin Professional Committee was formally established , also released "Harbin furniture industry consumer dispute settlement "( hereinafter referred to as "measures" ) will go into effect March 15 . In the future, consumers in the purchase of furniture , if there is infringement at all levels of consumer association will be based on the "ways" to mediate .
According to the Deputy Secretary-General Lin Anlin CASE Harbin introduced the new "measures" three packs of furniture , and three bags of principles described in detail , such as furniture distribution of goods who is who is responsible for implementing the " three guarantees "principle; operators to consumer In the selling of furniture goods, should be effective to the consumers purchase three bags of evidence and proof ; operators of furniture products to consumers , it shall provide product quality certification , use the manual ; furniture, three bags of goods is valid for one year, deep Color valuable hardwood furniture for two years , wooden furniture , rattan furniture damaged by moths to two years , three packs of glass mirrors is valid for six months . Warranty is valid from the date of delivery of furniture products calculated , net of occupation and no spare parts for repair time for repairs .
" measures " that: furniture products appear loose, deformed or do not meet pollution and other environmental requirements , one of ten cases , the consumer from the date of receipt of goods within 30 days , you can choose repair , replacement or return ; 60 Within days , you can select the repair or replacement . An operator shall not charge any fees and bear the necessary cost of transportation from big items .
In addition, the new "procedures" also provides furniture products within the warranty period , due to product quality issues , by two repair still fails to function normally , the operators should be free to consumers from switching the same model , with specifications of products , and assume Replacement produced reasonable transportation costs. Because of quality problems within the warranty period repair of furniture products , from the date of repair more than 30 days is not repaired , the operator should be free for consumers to replace the same model , with specifications of products . Transport costs borne by the operators .







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